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The fish photo game has frequent fish, special fish and pattern fish. This one is divided into completely different priorities. Unfamiliar fish must be killed from the start. Atypical fish lead to.

You can get big returns on your investment with a single shot. Fish can be small or large, so you can get more and more at each stage.

The best fish are the ones that barely reach their size. The more colourful ones have extra rewards. However, you may have to use more ammunition than normal fish, and if you are lucky, you will get many bonuses known to be the most valuable.

Boss Fish. Boss Diploma. I must say. This boss fish is one that beginners are best off staying away from. However, since it is a dead fish that takes a lot of time, you can try your luck by using a significant amount of ammunition to repeatedly shoot the boss steppe fish once you have some capital. It is considered a very useful fish. It can be said that it is well established.

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