There are a lot of sports enthusiasts who want to try out online football betting. Starting out is easy but sometimes the terms can confuse beginners. This guide will help you familiarize with the terms used in online football betting.


A series of single bets grouped together is what you call a football accumulator. The odds accumulate together if each of the bets comes off. It is possible to put a fiver on something and win a couple of thousand because of accumulators. There is a downside to this though. Each bet needs to win so it is risky.


This is the closest thing to a certainty as you can get. The bet will be sure to land if the tipster considers it a banker. Banker tips are often given to privileged members.


This is how much money you have to bet with. It is like a virtual wallet where your deposits are often stored.


This stands for Draw No Bet and means that you get your money back for your bet if the score is a draw. This serves as a safety net but the odds are usually lower.

Double Chance

This bet is where you pick who is going to be the winner. You win the bet if they win or it is a draw. You lose the bet if your chosen team loses. The odds are usually lower because it is a safer bet.


There are two parts to this type of bet. You predict the winner of the first half first. And then you predict the winner of the entire game. You could make a prediction of a draw at half-time. But, you could also predict a win for the home team by full-time.


There is always one team that is the clear favourite. The handicap gives a small advantage to the team who is not the favourite. This team is often called the underdog. A one-goal headstart for the underdog is an example of handicapping.


The over and under bet are when you bet on the number of goals scored. There is a set bet number and you will bet if both teams will score over or under the set bet number.

Online Sports Betting

Score cast

This is a difficult bet to make. You have to bet on who is going to score the first goal. And you have to predict the correct score, too.


This refers to the amount of money you place on a bet. This is the amount of money you stand to lose if you do not come out as a winner.

Win cast

This is like the score cast bet. You make a bet on who is going to make the first score. And then you predict the winner of the game.

24-hour rule

This is a rule that is common for most betting websites. The bet only becomes void if a postponed match does not get played within a 24-hour period. A 4-hour delay will not cancel the bet.

90-minute betting

People mention this often when they bet on individual players. The bet is usually called off if the player does not make an appearance within 90 minutes.

If you are now familiar with the terms, you may want to try it out. TS911 Info Main can help you if you still need help on how to start. There is a saying that you should always bet with your head, not with your heart. This is the most common mistake most sports enthusiast commit when betting online. It is not wise to bet on a team you want to win although all the information available is telling you they will lose. Try not to get greedy. Make a plan for how much you are going to bet and stick with it.